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The City is proposing to adopt the 2030 Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. The draft plan and appendices, Initial Study and Negative Declaration, and proposed General Plan Amendment can be accessed via the links below. Any comments need to be submitted by October 18, 2021.
DRAFT City of Watsonville Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAA)
DRAFT Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Appendices
Initial Study and Negative Declaration
Proposed General Plan Amendment
City of Watsonville General Plan

Roache Road Well

Public Works & Utilities & Police Department
Traffic Safety Update

The Public Works and Utility Department's Engineering Division provides Capital Improvement Project design and management. It prepares studies, budgets, agreements, Public Works construction documents; it administers consultant contracts, public works grants and maintains technical documents such as Standard Details, maintains city-wide maps, documents on City's roadway system, sanitary sewer systems, storm drain system, and curb ramps.

Public Review

This notice is to advise interested individuals that the City of Watsonville, Public Works and Utilities Department intends to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Airport Boulevard Reconstruction from Larkin Valley Road/Westgate Boulevard to Aviation Way. As mandated by State law, the minimum public review period for this document is at least 30 days; public comments should be received by January 13, 2018.

Review - Mitigated Negative Declaration Document

For more information please visit the City's Climate Action Webpage Watsonville 2030 Climate Action & Adaptation Plan


The Traffic Engineering Division provides safe and efficient movement of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic in the City of Watsonville.

To accomplish the efficient movement of traffic they:

  • Conduct parking and traffic studies and designs.
  • Implement neighborhood traffic calming programs.
  • Optimize the timing of signals along major traffic corridors within the City.
  • Plan, design, monitor, control, and coordinate the City's traffic signals.
  • Respond to requests to improve safety on the roadway and bikeway system throughout the City.
  • Review and conduct traffic control analyses.
  • Review and design signage and striping on roadways.
  • Review development permits for traffic issues.

Current Public Works Projects

  • City of Watsonville Complete Street Plans (RFP Deadline to submit: 1/29/18)
  • 123 Aviation Way TI Project (bids opened 12/2017)
  • Airport Boulevard Improvement Project (bids received 11/28/17)
  • Lee Road Rail Trail Project (11/2018)
  • Grant funding from Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission ($2.3 million)
  • Bike Safety ($325,000) - 2018
  • Airport Blvd. ($177,000 to help with Airport Blvd. Reconstruction Project) - 2018
  • Freedom Blvd. ($1,550,000 Alta Vista Ave. to Green Valley Road) - 2022
  • Green Valley Rd. ($306,000 Struve Slough to Freedom Blvd.) - 2018
  • City of Watsonville Awarded $668,000 to Construct Rail Trail Segment
  • Struve Slough Restoration - Urban Greening Grant ($45,000) - ongoing work
  • Struve Slough Habitat Enhancement - HCF Grant ($29,722.50) - ongoing work
  • Ramsay Park Public Restrooms Renovation - (completed- 2017)
  • Citywide Alley Improvement Project
  • Beach/Ohlone Signal (coming soon)
  • Freedom Blvd. Planline (coming soon)
  • Hazlewood Park - trails
  • Main Street Improvements Project
  • Hwy 1/Harkins Slough 
  • Watsonville Senior Center Improvements (November 2017)
  • 2017 Sidewalk Repair Project
  • 2017 Curb Ramp Project
  • Corralitos Filter Plant (2/2018)
  • Airport Freedom Trunk Sewer Replacement Project

Past Completed Public Works Projects

  • Arthur Road, Clifford Avenue Sewer Lateral Relocation Project
  • Citywide Fiber Optic Project Approved
  • Citywide Fiber Optic Project Phase II Awarded
  • Clifford Avenue Water Main Project
  • College Road Water Main Replacement Project
  • Completed pedestrian at Auto Center and Main St.
  • Completed Waste Water Head Works Pipeline replacement project
  • First Adaptive Traffic Control System (Freedom Boulevard from Martinelli to Airport Boulevard.)
  • Formation of Underground Utility District
  • Freedom Boulevard Reconstruction Project
  • Freedom Boulevard Water Main Replacement
  • Green Valley Road Retaining Wall
  • Hames Water Pump Station Project
  • Harkins Slough Bridge Pipeline Project
  • Holly Drive Sanitary Sewer Project
  • Installed speed feedback signs as part of the Safe Routes School Grant Program
  • Main Street Street-lighting Retrofit Phase I
  • Main Street Water Main Replacement Project
  • New Water Line on Lakeview Road
  • Oakridge and Kralj Dr. Water Main Replacement Project
  • Pajaro River CARE Project
  • Pavement Maintenance
  • Pennsylvania Dr. and Clifford Avenue Operational Improvements
  • Public Improvement Standards - Revised July 2013
  • Quinn Avenue Storm Drain
  • Rehabilitated Green Valley Road from Main Street to Loma Prieta Avenue.
  • Retrofitted 400 street lights with new lights.
  • Roache Road Water Main Replacement Project
  • Roundabout at Pennsylvania Dr. and Clifford Avenue.
  • Safe Routes to School
  • 2012 Alleyway Pavement
  • 2013 Road Repair Project
  • Salsipuedes Creek Capacity Enhancement and Restoration Project
  • School Crossing Upgrades
  • Sewer Pipe Replacement Project - Freedom Boulevard and Main St.
  • Solar Panels - Update
  • Sunnyhills Water Main Replacement Project
  • Taxiway Charlie and General Aviation Apron Project
  • Upgraded signal controller upgrade on Freedom Boulevard., Airport, and Green Valley corridors
  • Urban Greening Plan
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Odor and Corrosion Control Project
  • WaterLab-City Partnership with USC
  • Watsonville Slough Restoration
  • Whitney Drive Storm Drain