Homework Help Rules and Guidelines

Homework Help is a Place of Learning & Mutual Respect.

Welcome Students!

  • Sign in on the sign-in sheet. Sign out when you leave
  • Find a place to sit and start working.
  • Raise your hand if you have a question. Calling out for help is not acceptable.

While You Are Here

  • Talk quietly
  • Focus on own work unless helping a neighbor
  • Be respectful of other people in the room; no playing around
  • Clean up after yourself; put away the supplies used

If You Use the Computers

  • Computers are for educational use only
  • In order to protect the library network from viruses, students may not bring in disks
  • Save your work to the desktop or a HWC disk
  • Ask before printing

Attention Parents

Students should bring specific homework or a project.

Students need to be picked up from the Homework Help program or have permission to be released to the library when their homework is done.

Parents are welcome to check on their children but know that the Homework Center is for students.

Students don't need their library cards to use the Homework Help computers, however, they need their cards to check out books or use the library computers.

All students are expected to follow the Homework Help rules. If the student is unable to follow the rules, she or he will not be permitted to return until a meeting is held between the Homework Help Supervisor, the parent or guardian, and the student, and the issues are resolved.