Action & Adventure

Airborn Book


When the Aurora, an airship that takes passengers and cargo around the world is forced to land on an uncharted island, Matt and Kate must battle pirates and strange winged creatures to return their damaged ship to its voyage.
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Call Number: Y Pbk Oppel
Wolf Brother

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness 1: Wolf Brother

After his father dies from a brutal bear attack, Torak is befriended by a wolf cub and seeks to fulfill his destiny by ridding the forest of the evil bear.
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Call Number: Y Paver

Julie of the Wolves

Forced to marry at thirteen, Julie runs away from her Eskimo village and is adopted by a pack of wolves.
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Call Number: J FIC George
Life of Pi

Life of Pi

After a shipwreck, Pi Patel struggles to survive with a Bengal tiger in shark-infested waters.
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Call Number: Y Martel


After his uncle's death, Alex is coerced into continuing his uncles' work for the British Intelligence Agency, MI6. Equipped with spy toys, Alex is sent undercover to investigate the makers of a revolutionary computer called Stormbreaker.
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Call Number: Y Horowitz
The Terrorist

The Terrorist

Billy accepts a package from a stranger in a London subway and becomes the victim of a bomb. His sister becomes obsessed with capturing the unknown terrorist.
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Call Number: Y Cooney
The Wreckers

The Wreckers

John Spencer is on his father's boat when wreckers lure the ship onto their rocky shore with a false beacon. Mary helps him stay alive, find his father, and stop the wreckers.
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Call Number: Y Lawrence
Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster

Courage, cowardice, foolishness, and high adventure marked the 1996 rival expeditions efforts to reach he summit of Everest when everything went terribly wrong.
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Call Number: YN 796.522 Krakauer