STEAM in the Library

We will be offering STEAM Take Home Kits starting in January 2021. 

Every two weeks on Monday, a new kit will be available for pickup during the curbside hours at the Main Library. Kits are first come, first served, one kit per household, while supplies last.

This Weeks STEAM Take Home Kit

Available Starting on January 25th 2021

Steam Take Home Kit Airplane - picture of a airplane made with straws and popsicle sticks

Upcoming STEAM Take Home Kits

Steam Take Home Kit Catapult - picture of a catapult made of popsicle sticks and bottle cap
Steam Take Home Kit Wheel Racer - battery powered base with wheels and a motor to move
Steam Take Home Kit Dragonfly - image of a dragonfly made of craft materials with an led light ontop
Steam Take Home Kit Electromagnet - picture of a home made electromagnet
Steam Take Home Kit Microbot - image of a small robot made with craft materials
Steam Take Home Kit Stroboscope - picture of a battery powered small stroboscope
Steam Take Home Kit Thaumatrope - image of a thaumatrope
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) is for ages 8-12.

This is an ongoing program that encourages young scientists to explore and build.
Participants will expand their knowledge of the 21st century skills!