Oversight Board of Successor Agency

Board Members

Representative Member
Supervisor, County of Santa Cruz
Greg Caput
Trustee, Cabrillo College
Leticia Mendoza
Santa Cruz County Office of Education
Melody Canady
Member of the Public
Terry Medina
City Council Member, City of Watsonville
Trina Coffman-Gomez
Santa Cruz Stormwater District
Zach Friend (Vice Chair)
Former Redevelopment Agency Employee
Nathalie Manning (Chair)
The California Supreme Court issued a decision upholding Assembly Bill 1.26, abolishing redevelopment agencies statewide. As a result, the City of Watsonville transferred the powers and assets of the Redevelopment Agency to the City, which will serve now as Successor Agency. The Successor Agency is required to take a number of actions to dissolve each agency, complete the Agency's projects, and liquidate its assets.

Assembly Bill 1.26 requires each successor agency to have an oversight board composed of 7 members. The members shall elect one of their members as the chairperson. Members need to be selected as follows:
  1. One member appointed by the county board of supervisors
  2. One member appointed by the mayor for the city that formed the redevelopment agency
  3. One member appointed by the largest special district, by property tax share, with territory in the territorial jurisdiction of the former redevelopment agency, which is of the type of special district that is eligible to receive property tax revenues pursuant to Section 34188
  4. One member appointed by the county superintendent of education to represent schools if the superintendent is elected. If the county superintendent of education is appointed, then the appointment made pursuant to this paragraph shall be made by the county board of education
  5. One member appointed by the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges to represent community college districts in the county
  6. One member of the public appointed by the county board of supervisors
  7. One member representing the employees of the former redevelopment agency appointed by the mayor from the recognized employee organization representing the largest number of former redevelopment agency employees employed by the successor agency at that time