Residential Organics Collection - Food Scraps & Yard Waste  

Residential Organics Collection Program
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SB 1383: California's Requirement to Reduce Methane Production by Diverting Organic Waste from Landfills 

California is the first state to require all cities and other public agencies to take significant actions to divert organic waste from landfills, including food scraps and yard waste by January 2022. The State now requires that this organic waste be collected and treated separately from the rest of the waste stream.

By 2025, cities must reduce 75% of the landfilled organic waste (food scraps and backyard waste) and increase edible food recovery by 20%. These initiatives are aligned to meet California’s goal of a 40% methane reduction by 2030. Cities throughout the state are in the stages of developing an implementation plan to tackle organic disposal (yard waste and food scraps).


Watsonville — On Track with SB1383
In 2019, a total of 830 tons of organic food waste was diverted from the landfill from local Watsonville businesses and schools, and the program has only expanded since then. A Food Scrap Collection Pilot Program was launched in two strategically chosen pilot sites in town on November 10th, 2020, and we have been adding more sites to our pilot program since then.

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Organics Collection Services Coming Your Way — 2022

Our next step towards meeting the State's environmental goals is to bring organic collection services (now including food scraps and yard waste) to your door. From March through June we will be delivering approximately 6,000 35-gallon green carts to single-family households, along with instructions so you can start participating in the new organic collection services. After receiving your green bin, you will be able to put food scraps in the green bin along with yard waste.

If you already have a green yard waste bin, you will be receiving a notice from our Solid Waste department of when you can start including food scraps in your bin. Your organics cart will be collected weekly and sent to an industrial composting facility in Marina. There will be no additional cost for this new service. The City will be communicating with you soon to provide you with additional information, we appreciate your patience and cooperation. 

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