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The City of Watsonville oversees maintenance of the Landscape and Lighting Maintenance Assessment Districts (LLMAD) for Vista Montana, Bay Breeze and Gonzales Street Alley Way, as directed by the City Council [Resolution No. 60-05 (CM)] and pursuant to Section 22500 of the Streets and Highways Code (Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972). The 1972 Act requires that a special fund be setup for the revenues and expenditures of the District, and only used for the maintenance, repair and servicing of public lighting, landscaping, park and recreational improvements within the LLMAD.

Vista Montana LLMAD

The City began the maintenance work for this  Landscape, Lighting and Maintenance Assessment District in fiscal year 2004-2005. The Vista Montaña Subdivision is located off East Lake Avenue and adjacent to Ann Soldo Elementary School and the Bay Village Subdivision and consists of the 173 single family residential parcels, 80 townhome residential parcels, 135 multi-family residential units and the surrounding common areas. 

The facilities within the Vista Montaña LLMAD include:

  • Regular maintenance, repair and replacement of all facilities within the agricultural buffer area on Bridge Street, including the landscaping, signage, perimeter wall, retaining walls, pedestrian path and erosion control plantings within or adjacent to the detention basins and drainage swale.
  • Operation, maintenance, repairs, replacement of and power for the street lighting within the District.
  • Regular maintenance, repair and replacement of the parkway strip and street trees.
  • Operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the storm drain detention basins, drainage channel, drainage facilities and erosion control measures within the agricultural buffer, including the storm drain culvert crossing Highway 152 and the inlet structure on the west side of Highway 152.
  • Regular maintenance, repair and replacement of the landscaping and perimeter walls, pedestrian/bike paths
  • Administrative services to operate the District.

Current Engineer's Report

Original Engineer's Report (FY 03-04)

May 31, 2022 Community Meeting

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February 24th, 2021 Community Meeting - Survey Results 

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September 23rd, 2020 Community Meeting Presentation 

Bay Breeze LLMAD

The Bay Breeze Subdivision is located at the southwest corner of Ohlone Parkway and Harkins Slough Road.  The Bay Breeze Subdivision LLMAD is comprised of 114 single-family residential parcels. The Bay Breeze LLMAD maintenance program includes the following:

  • Maintenance and replacement of street trees within the subdivision.
  • Operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of detention basins and detention basis access roads within the subdivision.
  • Operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of perimeter fencing around the entire subdivision.
  • Maintenance and replacement of plantings done as part of the wetland mitigation plan.
  • Maintenance of an environmental management parcel within the subdivision.
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of landscaping within the public right-of-way abutting and within the subdivision, including the Ohlone Parkway medians.
  • Operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the sewer pump station.
  • Maintenance of the graffiti coatings on the public exposure of the perimeter walls along District boundaries.

Current Engineer's Report

Original Engineer's Study (2003)

Gonzales Street Alley Way LLMAD

The Gonzales Street LLMAD was established in 1994 to assist the residents bordering this alleyway and adjoining small parcel to cooperatively maintain this parcel owned by the City, which primarily benefits its neighbors.  The annual cost of $600 required to maintain the area is apportioned among the 17 parcels with one parcel not immediately adjacent to the alley paying slightly less.

Current Engineer's Report