Shelter In Faith

We are very pleased to introduce the new four-part series, Shelter in Faith. The series brings together Santa Cruz County leaders of diverse faith traditions, perspectives, and practices to help with Sheltering in Place.

Santa Cruz Public Libraries (SCPL) and Watsonville Public Library have worked together to develop inspiring online programs that bring the community together as we Shelter in Place during the month of May, 2020. 

Recordings from the programs are below. 

Week One: Crisis & Recovery

Learn from faith traditions that have experienced crisis and recovery and how their stories can provide wisdom and hope while we Shelter in Place.
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Week Two: Grief & Loss

This program offers the opportunity to find comfort and help for coping with grief and loss as faith leaders share helpful practices conducive to Sheltering in Place. 

Week Three: Separation & Connections

Learn how local faith communities are holistically approaching the need to find meaningful connection while engaging in physical separation. 

Week Four: Meaning & Productivity

Learn how faith traditions offer insight into finding meaning beyond one’s productivity in light of today’s unemployment crisis.