Library Programs: May, June & July

The Summer Reading Program:
Dig Deeper begins on June 8th!

colorful patchwork globe with people of all colors around the outside of it with the words dig deepe

This Week At The Library

June 2nd : Lego® Master Builder Challenge
June 3rd: STEAM Take Home Kit: Catapult
June 5th: Mothersong Video
June 5th: Ballet Folklorico with Graciela Vega via YouTube

Bilingual Baby Laptime Videos

two women with teddy bears in their lap about to do storytime with the text bilingual baby laptime s

STEAM Take Home Kits

metal robot with white gears on purple and teal background with text steam take home kits Wednesdays

Discover Your Roots

a marble colored background with a green tree and the text dig deeper and discover your roots

Storytime Kits

Pink dandelion and small blue butterfly around the text storytime kit spring

Lego® Building Challenges

blue lego background with words BUILD and lego master builders summer challenges released weekly on

Mothersong with Joya Winwood

photo of women dancing and playing drums with text mothersong with joya winwood

What If....? Explore Science

spyglass beaker microscope tablet math symbols gear symbol and wifisymbol with text what if? hypothe

Ballet Folklorico Summer Workshops

dancer twirling a colorful skirt wearing a mask for traditional mexican dance with text ballet folkl