Storytime Kit: Bugs

a butterfly ladybug and caterpillar with text storytime kit bugs

~ Celebrating Bugs ~

Bichos, bichos, y bichos por Bob Barner  - available through Tumblebooks Library
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner  - available through Tumblebooks Library
Beetle Bop by Denise Fleming from Between the Lions
Bob and Otto by Robert O. Bruel
Old Black Fly by Jim Ainsworth

Las Hormigas Marchan De Una En Una by Super SImple Songs Español
Bug N Roll by Pink Fong
Here is the Beehive by Super Simple Songs
The Butterfly Colors Song by AJ Jenkins

Butterfly Bracelets - Explore Animals that undergo metamorphosis

What Do Mosquitoes Do In Winter from But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

Learning App/Website
Bug Games & Facts 

Parenting Tip
Letter Knowledge - Identify the first letter in your child's name and find it in books, on street signs, and on package labels.