Special Event Permits

We are sorry to announce that the all special events have been canceled for 2020 due to the current Shelter in Place order.

Please visit our Virtual Recreation Center for resources on how to stay active, connected, and informed through this challenging time.

A special event permit is required for events that:

  • use city property such as streets, parks, buildings, etc.
  • are open to the public; and or 
  • have entertainment: singing, dancing, DJ, Choir, etc; and or
  • use sound amplification such as a micro-phone, stereo; and or 
  • that are a parade, march or procession, and or
  • require street closures or will impact traffic.

For information on fees, requirements, and available locations, refer to the Special Event Brochure found below.

 Special Event Brochure

Special Event Application  

To apply for a special event permit, submit a completed Special Event Application found below and return it to the Parks and Community Services Department customer service office at 231 Union St. Watsonville, 95076 or email it to Israel.tirado@cityofwatsonville.org.

Community Special Event Sponsorship Program 

The City of Watsonville recognizes the value of partnering with other agencies and organizations in providing services that benefit the community and its residents. In an effort to provide support for organizations providing community special events, specific guidelines have been established for determining when City fees may be reduced or waived and when an event may be considered for sponsorship (see “Community Special Event Sponsorship Program Policies”). In order to request sponsorship or a reduction or waiver of fees, the application below must be completed and submitted with the necessary documentation.

A Call for Applications for events occurring July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021 is currently open. Applications due February 28th at 5p.m.

Call for Applications 2020-2021
Application for Community Special Event Sponsorship
Community Special Event Sponsorship Policy