Beyond the Horizon

Focus on Africa book cover

Focus on Africa: Wildlife, Conservation, and Man

by David S. Anderson & David R. Bridge

The "Focus on Africa" project believes that the best way to ensure the survival of Africa's wildlife lies in making it a real, sustainable, economic asset to local populations. This book features more than 125 stunning photographs taken by 136 mostly ordinary people while raveling eight countries on standard one or two week "ecotour" safaris. 
591.96 Anderson
Sister Wendys Grand Tour book cover

Sister Wendy's Grand Tour: Discovering Europe's Great Art

by Wendy Beckett

Features a Grand Tour of ten of continental Europe's "cities of art" - including Madrid, Florence, Rome, Venice, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and the Hague. More than 60 masterpieces are presented with interpretations and brief lives of all the artists. 
759.94 Beckett
In a Sunburned Country book cover

In a Sunburned Country

by Bill Bryson

Travel writer Bill Bryson chronicles the experiences he had and profiles the people and wildlife he encountered while traveling through Australia. The book is a funny and fact filled adventure Down Under which Bryson finds to be a shockingly under-discovered country with the friendliest inhabitants, the hottest, driest weather, and the most peculiar and lethal wildlife to be found on the planet.
919.404 Bryson
Traveling with Che Guevara book cover

Traveling with Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary

by Alberto Granado

In 1952 Alberto Granado, a young doctor, and his friend Ernesto Guevara, a 23 year old medical student from a distinguished Buenos Aires family, decided to explore their continent. They set off from Cordoba in Argentina on a Northn 500cc motorbike and traveled through Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela. The duo's adventures vary from the suspenseful (stowing away on a cargo ship, exploring Incan ruins) to the comedic (falling in love, drinking, fighting) to the serious (volunteering as firemen and at a leper colony). They worked as day laborers along the way - as soccer coaches, medical assistants, and furniture movers. The poverty and exploitation of the native population started the process that was to turn Ernesto - the debonair, fun loving student - into Che, the revolutionary who had a profound impact on the history of several nations. 
918.0435 Granado
The Lost City of Z book cover

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

by David Grann

In 1925, the legendary British Explorer, Percy Fawcett, ventured into the Amazon jungle in search of a fabled civilization located deep in the deadly wilderness. He never returned. In this book, journalist David Gram tells the epic story of Fawcett's quest for the "Lost City of Z" as he unravels the greatest exploration mystery of the twentieth century. 
918.1 Gann  and  SP 918.1 Gann
Postwar book cover

Postwar: A History of Europe since 1945

by Tony Judt

The first truly European history of contemporary Europe, from Lisbon to Leningrad, based on research in six languages and covering 34 countries across 60 years, using a great deal of material from newly available sources. The book integrates international relations, domestic politics, ideas, social change, economic development, and culture - high and low - into a single grand narrative.
940.55 Judt
Deities and Demons of the Far East book cover

Deities and Demons of the Far East

by Brian P. Katz

Provides an overview of Indian, Japanese, and Chinese religious and mythological traditions.
299.5 Katz
Antarctica and the Arctic book cover

Antarctica and the Arctic: The Complete Encyclopedia

by David McGonigal & Others

An in depth up to the minute look at the Arctic, Antarctica, and the sub-Antarctic islands, including geology and geography, flora and fauna, current scientific research, and conservation issues. The book also features: individual species notes for more than 100 animals; storis of polar exploration; more than 80 thematic maps showing wildlife distribution and explorer's routes; and more than 1,000 color photographs and illustrations. 
998 Antarctica
Among African Apes book cover

Among African Apes: Stories and Photos From the Field

by Martha M. Robbins & Christophe Boesch

An up close and personal glimpse into the lives of wild chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas produced by world renowned primatologists.
599.8809 Among
Martin Yans Asia book cover

Martin Yan's Asia: Favorite Recipes from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Japan

by Martin Yan

The rich and varied cuisines of Asia are one of America's fastest growing culinary phenomena. Chef, teacher, and public television star, Martin Yan, offers more than 150 recipes from five different Asian cultures, all adapted for the home cook. Step by step instructions are included for each recipe.
641.595 Yan