To Outer Space

Seven Wonders of the Solar System book cover

Seven Wonders of the Solar System

by David A. Aguilar

Takes readers on seven journeys to explore elements of the solar system, including Mars, Europa, Pluto, Charon, and Planet Nine, and speculates about what space discoveries may happen in the future. 
JN 523.3 Aguilar
Mission to Pluto book cover

Mission to Pluto

by Mary Kay Carson

Follow a spacecraft the size of a piano, named New Horizons, on the first ever spacecraft mission to Pluto, the space entity formerly known as a planet, in the latest addition to the epic and authoritative Scientists in the Field series.
JN 629.43 Carson
A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars book cover

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

by Seth Fishman

A look a the numbers that surround us, big and small, on earth and in outer space. An imagination stretcher for younger audiences who enjoy marveling at mind-bending numbers. 
JN 510.2 Fishman
Ellen Ochoa book cover

Ellen Ochoa: La Primera Astronauta Latina

by Lila and Rick Gúzman

An illustrated introduction to the life and career of female astronaut Ellen Ochoa.
Una introducción con ilustraciones a la vida y Carrera de la astronaut Ellen Ochoa. 
SP JB Ochoa
Stellar Science Fiction Crafts book cover

Stellar Science Fiction Crafts

by Jen Jones

Stories that are out of this world need projects that blast off the page too! Create crafts that go beyond everyday imagination. 
JN 745.5 Jones
The Mighty Mars Rovers book cover

The Mighty Mars Rovers

by Elizabeth Rusch

The story of the two robot vehicles, Spirit and Opportunity, that were sent to explore Mars, lasting far past their projected lives of 3 months and sending back invaluable images of the environmentally hostile planet. 
JN 523.43 Rusch
Where Is Our Solar System book cover

Where is Our Solar System?

by Stephanie Sabol

An introduction to the solar system that chronicles the beginning of the modern age of astronomy, covering such topics as the eight planets in the solar system, and theories proposed by such astronomers as Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newton that suggested the sun, not the Earth, was the center of the universe. 
JN 523.2 Sabol
If You Were the Moon book cover

If You Were the Moon

by Laura Purdie Salas

If you were the moon, what would you do? You'd spin like a twilight ballerina and play dodge ball with space rocks! Find out more in this lyrical list poem accompanied by stunning illustrations. 
JN 523.3 Salas
Voyagers Greatest Hits book cover

Voyager's Greatest Hits

by Alexandra Siy

A brief history and discussion of the planets and outer space objects encountered by spacecraft Voyager. It's an engaging and readily accessible account of remarkable - and ongoing - scientific success story. 
JN 523.4 Siy
To the Stars book cover

To the Stars! The First American Women to Walk in Space

by Camelia Van Bleet

Shares the story of renowned astronaut and distinguished scientist Kathryn Sullivan, describing how she defied the conventions of her childhood to pursue interest previously limited to boys and how she became the first woman to walk in space. 
JB Sullivan