Watsonville Airport Advisory Commission

The Watsonville Airport Advisory Commission (WAAC) consists of 7 members who are appointed by the City Manager.

WAAC is an aviation specific advisory body tasked to make recommendations to the City Manager on issues that include: (1) review of Airport Master Plan,  (2) Airport Capital Improvement planning, alternative financing sources and coordination with other government agencies, (3) Rates and Charges, (4) Policies to ensure economic viability and (5) Noise Abatement.

Please call 831-768-3575 for more information or email Commissioners.

WAAC Members

Term Expires

Marjorie Bachmann
(Representing Monterey Bay Ninety-Nines)
July 2019
Ed Bogner
(Representing Business Community)
January 2020
Jeremy Lezin
(Representing Watsonville Pilots Association)
July 2020
Laura Molher
(Representing on Field Aviation Business Community)
January 2020
Joe Shelton
(Representing Airport Area Residents residing in City)
July 2019
Glen Ceresa
(Representing Airport Area Residents residing in County)
July 2020

Gryphon MacArthur (Representing Experimental Aircraft Association #119)   

July 2018