Measure D

The City Council approved an expenditure plan that included seven transportation projects to be funded by Measure D, the one-half cent sales tax approved by Santa Cruz County voters last November. Measure D will provide the City with $750,000 per year for the next 30 years. This funding will be managed and spent in Watsonville and cannot be taken away by the State for other projects.
The projects were identified through a survey conducted by City staff during the past two months.
The expenditure plan covers a five year period, beginning when the first funds are to be allocated in July of this year. The Council will review and update the plan annually. The plan includes the following projects:

Bicycle Safety Improvements include providing signage and traffic markings along bicycle corridors at various locations within the City and providing safety training within schools.
Downtown Revitalization on Main Street from West Beach St to Freedom Blvd includes adding or improving pedestrian crossings, bicycle amenities, bus stops, parking, sidewalks and traffic management.

Freedom Blvd repair work from Green Valley Road to Airport Blvd will include repair and resurface damaged roadway and bike lanes, replace damaged sidewalks and add pedestrian facilities where none exist.
Pajaro Valley High School Trail project will develop a pedestrian and bicycle path from Airport Blvd to Pajaro Valley High School and Harkins Slough Rd.

Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Improvements will be done at various locations within the City and include install or upgrade safety and traffic calming measures such as striping, markers, signage, flashing beacons, curb extensions and speed humps and providing safety training within schools.

Road Maintenance will be done at various locations within the City which will includes placing a three-layer coating system and restriping the road surface and bike lanes.

Trail Maintenance will be done at various locations along the City’s slough trail system.

The projects will not be done all at once but be spread over the next five years. Projects to take place in 2018 include Bicycle Safety, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety and Trail Maintenance.

You can visit the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (SCCRTC) Website for more information on Measure D.