Study Rooms

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Study Rooms at the Main Library

There are five (5) study rooms located on the second floor of the Watsonville Public Library for groups of 1-4 people, depending on the size and requirements of each specific room. These rooms are dedicated to small group use for studying or working on projects. 

These rooms are scheduled daily on a first come, first serve basis. We do not schedule in advance. If you wish to schedule a room in advance, you may be interested in scheduling the large conference room. Please contact the Administrated Assistant at 831-768-3406. 

Study rooms may be used Monday thru Saturday for two (2) hours during the library's operational hours. The length of these sessions may be extended if the study rooms are available for other patrons to use. Study rooms will close 15 minutes before the library closes. 

Requests for study rooms should be conducted in person at the Information Desk on the second floor of the library. Phone call reservations will not be accepted. 

Individuals requesting a study room must be at least 14 years of age and possess a valid Watsonville Public Library card. The individual initiating the request must be present during the period of usage. The library card will be held during the use of the study room.

Any study room left unattended for more than 15 minutes of the requested time will be considered cancelled and available for use by others. Items left unattended will be considered lost and placed in the library’s Lost and Found located on the first floor at the Customer Service desk.

The following uses are expressly prohibited of the Library study rooms: buying, selling, advertising, or trading products or services (other than education services or a paid tutor) for cash or other consideration (except in support of the Library).