Disposal Fees

Residential Fees

Garbage Volume Price List

Item Cost
32 Gallon
68 Gallon
95 Gallon
1 Cubic Yard

Free Recycling Items

Aluminum Cans
Bathtubs (metal)
Bed Frame (metal)
Car Tires
Cardboard Chairs (metal)
Christmas Trees
Exercise Machines
Garden Hoses
Ironing Boards
Junk Mail
Kitchen Sinks (metal)
Magazines Metal Conduit
Metal Household Fixtures
Metal Plumbing
Newspapers Office Papers
Paper Bags
Paperboard Phone Books
Plastic Containers
Plastic Furniture
Pots & Pans (metal)
Screen Door Frames
Shredded Papers
Steam Irons
Tin Cans
Un-painted Wood
Un-treated Wood
Used Motor Oil
Window Frames (frame only/no glass)


Mattresses (any size)
Box Springs
Free (clean, recyclable, no bugs)
Both are subject to inspection.

Concrete & Dirt

Concrete (per cubic yard)
Dirt (per cubic yard)

Tires - Fee applies per item

Item Cost
Tires under 36 inches
9 per year
Tires under 36 inches
over 9
Tires under 36 inches with wheels
Tires over 36 inch diameter
Tires over 36 inch diameter with wheels


Most electronics include:
Answering Machines
Keyboards/Printers Fax & Copy Machines
Stereos/Telephones Televisions
VCR/DVD Players


Residential Customers one (1) item free per year*.
Fee after exceeding yearly amount: $10.40
Air Conditioners
Clothes Dryers
Dishwashers Freezers
Microwave Ovens
Refrigerators Stoves
Wall Heater
Washing Machines
Water Heaters Water Cooler

Residential Yard Waste Recycling

Item Cost
Minimum charge
Per cubic yard

Household Hazardous Waste

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and second (2nd) Saturday of the month during regular business hours.

Open: 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

State Law Limits the amount you can transport at one time:
  • Liquid - 15 gallons
  • Solid Material - 125 pounds
Aerosol Cans
Air Fresheners
Auto Repair Products
Bathroom Cleaners
Brake Fluid
Car Polish/Wash
Diesel/Gasoline Drain Cleaners
Dry Cleaning Solvents
Engine Cleaners
Expired Medicine
Outdated Medication
Oven Cleaners
Paint Paint Removers
Paint Thinners
Parts Cleaners
Pesticides Photographic Chemicals
Pool & Hot Tub Chemicals
Solvents Wood Preservatives
Floor Care Products
Furniture Polish
Garden Chemicals
Glue Herbicides Indoor Insecticides
Kerosene Nail Polish
(Residential customers only and limited to small businesses). After exceeding yearly amount customers will pay a fee.

Universal Waste - Light Fixtures

Item Free Yearly Limit Cost After Limit
Ballast (per item) 5 $5.20 each
Fluorescent Lamps per feet
10 $.26 each
Item Amount Per Month
Cost After Limited Amount
Arc & UV Lights
25 $2.60 each
Ballasts 100 $3.12 each
Fluorescent Lamps
80 $0.17 per foot
Metal Halide Lights
30 $1.56 each
Sodium Vapor Lights
12 $4.16 per pound

Small Business Customers - Limited Amounts

Item Cost Per Item
Item Cost Per Item
Microwaves $10.40 Air Conditioners
Boilers $10.40 Coolers $10.40
Clean Wood (per cubic yard)
$10.40 Dryers $10.40
Mattresses (any size)
$10.40 Ovens $10.40
Refrigerators/Freezers $10.40 Space Heaters
Stoves $10.40 Tires under 36 inches
Tires under 36 inches with rims
$5.20 Tires over 36 inches
Tires over 36 inches with rims
$15.60 Toilets $5.20
TVs/Computer Monitors
$10.40 Washers $10.40
Water Heaters
$10.40 Yard Waste (per cubic yard)