Wasting  Water is Prohibited in Watsonville!

The Pajaro Valley is experiencing an overdraft and wasting water is prohibited. The City’s approach to water waste has been one of education and services to support conservation. We have found this approach to be more effective than enforcing violations for water wasters in our community. In July of 2014 the Governor issued new State Emergency Water Regulations, including a prohibition on water waste.Gov Brown

Report Water Waste Violations

Residents can help by reporting water waste to customer service at 768-3133.

For easy online reporting, you can send us an email. In order for us to respond to your report, please include the following information:

  1. Address of the water waste you observed
  2. Time of day you observed the water being wasted
  3. Brief description of how water was being wasted
  4. Click here to begin your email report:  waterwaste@cityofwatsonville.org

Your personal information will remain private and will not be shared.

You can also report water waste anonymously by filling out the form below:

Water Waste Report Form (503.1 KiB)

City staff check the water waste hotline and email system regularly and respond to water waste reports with the following process:

1. City staff will notify the water waster of the reported problem.

  • In this notice we offer information about how to reduce water waste and how to schedule a free, one-time Water Conservation Consultation to help them fix the problem.
  • Support from our consultation program is usually all it takes to solve the problem.

2. If water waste continues beyond the educational warning and Water Conservation Consultation, the City will begin fines to address further ongoing water waste violations.

Thank you for doing your part to help out during the drought!

doingourpartIf Water Waste is observed on your property,  you may receive a notification asking you to do one of the following:

– SWEEP sidewalks and driveways – Watering sidewalks/driveways is prohibited.

– REPAIR broken irrigation systems

– ADJUST sprinkler heads to prevent overspray and run-off – Run-off onto sidewalks, driveways or other hardscapes is prohibited.

– FOLLOW two day per week 15 minutes  water restrictions – Odd numbered houses water on Wed/Sat.  Even numbered houses water on Thurs/Sun

– RUN sprinklers ONLY before 9am or after 5pm – Drip irrigation and hand watering with a shut-off hose nozzle are permitted.

– ALWAYS USE a shut-off hose nozzle – Use of a hose without a shut-off nozzle is prohibited.

If you have received a water waste notification, or need to help with solutions to prevent water waste from your home or business, contact the Landscape Water Conservation Program to schedule a FREE consultation by calling 831-325-3887 or 831-325-3376. Our trained staff will visit your home or business to evaluate your landscape watering system and irrigation controller scheduling. We will make recommendations tailored to your needs and provide information about free water conserving devices and rebates.