The Water Division is responsible for one of life’s most valuable resources: drinking water. The City provides service to residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers assuring delivery of the highest quality of potable water serving Watsonville and parts of unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County.

The Department’s Water Division include skilled operators, mechanics, chemists, and engineers who operate the City’s complex drinking water and wastewater facilities and who are committed to providing high-quality utility services to City residents at the lowest possible cost. The City’s combined rates for water, sewer, and garbage/recycling services are the lowest in the area.

The City’s regional water system consists of 190 miles of pipelines, 14 wells, 8 reservoirs and one (1) treatment plant that delivers clean, safe water to our service population of 66,000 customers. The distribution system covers approximately 30 square miles, and includes six service zones and three sub-zones, serving elevations from sea level to over 720 feet above mean sea level (AMSL). Water supply for the distribution system is provided by 14 wells, located throughout the system, and the Corralitos Filtration Plant, located in Service Zone III to the north. The potable water system includes seven ground level storage tanks with a total combined storage capacity of 11.6 million gallons (MG). The fourteen wells have a combined capacity of approximately 21,600 AFY (19 mgd). The City currently has about 15,980 connections that serve 66,000 customers.


You can read the "Investing In Our Water System" that will inform you about how our water is the best deal around, our aging water pipes, keeping up with new state drinking water safety regulations, Chromium 6, how water needs are funded and our commitment to you.

Water Service Area Map