Storm Water Reports

The Annual Stormwater Report covers the City’s stormwater activities for June 2012-June 2013. The report provides information on the status of measurable goals, an evaluation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and their effectiveness and any revisions to BMPs or measurable goals. A summary of activities by management measure is provided in this report.

You can read/review the 2012-2013, 2011-2012, 2010-2011, 2009-2010 Annual Stormwater Reports below:

2012-2013 Annual Storm Water Report (4.2 MiB)

2011-2012 Annual Stormwater Report (2.9 MiB)

Storm Water Report 2010-2011 (3.9 MiB)

Storm Water Report 2009-2010 (4.9 MiB)

Storm Water Management Plan

The City of Watsonville developed a new Stormwater Management Plan that was approved in May of 2009. This document provides detailed information on programs and policies aimed at protecting and enhancing the water quality of our sloughs and creeks.

Stormwater Management Plan (3.1 MiB)

Storm Water Management Plan Appendices (5.5 MiB)


Water Quality Monitoring

The Water in our local creeks, lakes and wetlands is tested and monitored. Efforts are underway to reduce pollution that runs off from streets, parking lots and neighborhoods.

To see the results of the City’s water monitoring efforts click here. The surface water page provides you with a detailed, user friendly map. The map provides the most recent surface water monitoring date (blue balloons) for Pinto Lake, Corralitos/Salsipuedes Creek, the Pajaro River and Watsonville Wetlands. The green balloons provide locations and pictures for all of the stormwater treatment systems installed in the City.