Why is Pinto Lake sick?

Around 1980 an increase amount of harmful algae blooms started to appear in the lake indicating that the health of Pinto Lake was declining. After extensive research, pollution of the lake was traced back to years of fertilizer runoff and leaky septic systems. Over the years, the bottom of the lake has been accumulating nutrients that feed the blue-green algae (cyanabacteria). This algae release dangerous toxins into the water, making the lake unsafe.

Click on the link below (Flyer: Why is Pinto Lake Sick?) to view the flyer with all the details: 

  • who’s helping Pinto Lake
  • how will they help Pinto Lake
  • where’s the funding coming from
  • is it dangerous to come into contact with the water
  • what are the health risks when coming in contact with the water
  • who should you contact if you have concerns about your health.

Flyer: Why is Pinto Lake Sick?