Paint Match Tips for Removal of Graffiti

Property owners are required to use paint or other method that matches the original color of the surface upon which the graffiti was placed.


  1. Take a chip (at least the size of a quarter) of the background paint to any hardware store such as OSH, Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams, Harrison’s Color Corner, Home Depot.
  2. Ask for computer paint matching. The custom mixed paint will provide an excellent match.
  3. Keep extra matching paint on hand in case there are future graffiti incidents.
  4. For wood fences, use sand paper, a wire brush or a pressure washer or paint the fence using “loam brown” colored paint.
  5. For stucco or cement surfaces, use a pressure washer.
  6. For assistance, contact the City’s graffiti removal specialist who can advise you on paint and surface matching techniques. Call Public Works and Utilities Customer Service at 768-3133.

Your efforts are helping keep Watsonville a beautiful community.