Public Drop-Off Waste and Recycle Center

320 Harvest Dr. , Watsonville, CA
Open Monday-Saturday from 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Disposal Fees

Below are the Disposal Fees for the Public Drop-Off Waste and Recycle Center but you can also download the Disposal Fees Document here.


Residential Free Recycling Items Mattresses
Concrete & Dirt Tires E-waste
Appliances Residential Yard-waste Chargeable Yard-waste
Household Hazardous Waste Universal Waste
Light Fixtures
For Electrical Contractors
Commercial Disposal


Garbage Volume Price List



32 Gallon $3.00
68 Gallon $5.00
95 Gallon $8.00
1 Cubic Yard $10.00


Aluminum Cans Bathtubs (metal) Bed Frames (metal) Bicycles
Car Tires Cardboard Chairs (metal) Christmas Trees
Exercise Machines Garden Hoses Glass/Bottles/Jars Ironing Boards
Junk Mail Kitchen Sinks (metal) Magazines Metal Conduit
Metal Household Fixtures Metal Plumbing Newspapers Office Papers
Paper Bags Paperboard Phone Books Plastic Containers
Plastic Furniture Pots & Pans (metal) Screen Door Frames Shredded Paper
Steam Irons Tin Cans Un-painted Wood Un-treated Wood
Used Motor Oil Window Frames (frame only/no glass)


Mattresses (any size) $10.00

Concrete and Dirt


Concrete (per cubic yard) $10.00 Tires under 36″ (inches) 9 per year FREE
Dirt (per cubic yard) $10.00 Tires under 36″ (over 9) $2.00
Tires under 36″ with rims $5.00
Tires over 36″ (inches) $10.00
Tires over 36″ with rims $15.00


Most electronics include:
Answering Machines Computers/Monitors
Keyboards/Printers Fax & Copy Machines
Stereos/Telephones Televisions
VCR?DVD Players Batteries


Residential Customers one (1) item freeFee after exceeding yearly amount: $10.00
Air Conditioners Clothes Dryers
Dishwashers Freezers
Microwave Ovens
Refrigerators Stoves
Washing Machines Water Heaters

Residential Yard-waste Recycling



12 CY Per Address (per year) FREE
Minimum charge (after 12 cy) $3.00
Per cubic yard (after 12 cy) $5.00

Chargeable Yard-waste

Bamboo Branches (over 8 feet)
Cactus Deceased Plants
Palm Leaves Root Balls
Sod Succulents/Ice Plant
Treated Wood Yucca Plants/Leaves

Household Hazardous Waste

Every TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & SECOND (2nd) SATURDAY OF THE MONTH…. OPEN: 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.STATE LAW LIMITS the amount you can transport at one time: Liquid: 15 gallons, Solid Material: 125 lbs.
Aerosol Cans Air Fresheners Auto Repair Products Bathroom Cleaners
Brake Fluid Car Polish/Was Diesel/Gasoline Drain Cleaners
Dry Cleaning Solvents Engine Cleaners Expired Medicine Outdated Medication
Oven Cleaners Paint Paint Removers Paint Thinners
Parts Cleaners Pesticides Photographic Chemicals Pool & Hot Tub Chemicals
Solvents Wood Preservatives Floor Care Products Furniture Polish
Garden Chemicals Flue Herbicides Indoor Insecticides
Kerosene Nail Polish

Universal Waste – Light Fixtures


Free Yearly Limit

Cost After Limit

Arc & UV Lights 24 $2.50 ea.
Ballast 6 $3.00 ea.
Fluorescent Lamps 24 $.16 per ft.
Metal Halide Lights 24 $1.50 ea.
Sodium Vapor Lights 24 $4.00 lbs.

Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contractors can dispose of a limited amount per month and must disassemble fixtures.
For quantities above limited amount, contact environmental haulers.


Amount Per Month

Cost After Limited Amount

Arc & UV Lights 25 $2.50 ea.
Ballasts 100 $3.00 ea.
Fluorescent Lamps 80 $.16 per ft.
Metal Halide Lights 30 $1.50 ea.
Sodium Vapor Lights 12 $4.00 lbs.

Commercial Disposal


Cost Per Item


Cost Per Item

Microwaves $10.00 Air Conditioners $10.00
Boilers $10.00 Coolers $10.00
Clean Wood (per cubic yard) $10.00 Dryers $10.00
 Freezers $10.00 Furnaces $10.00
 Mattresses (any size) $10.00 Ovens $10.00
 Refrigerators/Freezers $10.00 Space Heaters $10.00
 Stoves $10.00 Tires under 36″ (inches) $2.00
Tires under 36″ with rims $5.00 Tires over 36″ (inches) $10.00
Tires over 36″ with rims $15.00 Toilets $5.00
TVs/Computer Monitors $10.00 Washers $10.00
Water Heaters $10.00 Yard Waste (per cubic yard) $10.00