The rates for garbage services took effect July 1, 2016. View the current rates. 










The City of Watsonville provides all residents with a wheeled cart for garbage service. Customers have a choice of three garbage cart sizes. To help with pick-up, please place carts as shown in the photo.

In addition, a 95 gallon recycling cart is provided to each household at no additional charge. (The more you recycle, the smaller the garbage cart you will need, and the less you will pay.)

On my day of service, where do I place my carts?

  • Place carts in street. Place carts at end of driveway if street is crowded.
  • Wheels should touch the curb.
  • Cart handle faces your house.
  • Gray cart is for garbage only.
  • Blue cart is for recycling only.
  • Leave 3 feet of clearance on all sides of your carts (signs, poles, cars, etc.).
  • Set your cart out the night before. Garbage and recycling service starts at 4:30 a.m.
  • Do not compact garbage or overload cart-cart won’t empty. Lid must be closed.
  • If your cart has been damaged, please call Customer Service at 768-3133 to exchange or fix your cart. There is no charge for this service.
  • Parking restrictions in effect on some streets (check street signs or cart stickers.)

What if I have the wrong size cart for my household?

Customers can easily exchange the cart size by calling 768-3133. There is no charge for exchanging the cart but fees are different depending on the size of your cart: 32 gallon, 68 gallon or 95 gallon carts.

Where do I call if my garbage/recycling was not picked up?

You can call Customer Service at 768-3133.

What do I do with extra garbage?

City of Watsonville residents can drop off recyclables, yard waste and extra garbage at the Waste and Recycling Drop-off. Use this facility to dispose of occasional extra materials that do not fit in your recycling or garbage cart. Loads must be covered with a tarp.

This service is available for residents of the City of Watsonville only. Address verification will be required. Wastes generated outside Watsonville city limits are not accepted.

The Waste and Recycling Drop-Off is open:
9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Monday through Saturday

Garbage Service for residents outside city limits

Green Waste – Santa Cruz County
Waste Management of Monterey County
(800) 321-8226
County of Santa Cruz Buena Vista Landfill
454-2430 or 454-5154


If you have questions regarding garbage/recycling services, please call Customer Service at 768-3133 or you can contact us online.