Curbside Yard Waste Collection

The City Council approved the creation of residential yard waste collections program during Fiscal Year 2012-2013 at the Public Hearing held on June 12, 2012.  The creation of a yard waste collection program will complement and expand services offered to City residents and will also help the City’s efforts to meet mandated diversion goals established by the State of California.   A waste characterization study performed on behalf of the City in 2010 estimated that about 19% or 4,600 tons of landscape and agricultural waste is found in the City’s residential waste stream. You can download the Yard Waste Collection Brochure here.

Yard Waste Brochure (612.1 KiB)

What is accepted in the yard waste cart?

What is not accepted?


Leaves Palm
Shrubs Yucca
Grass Clippings Bamboo
Plant Trimmings Poison Oak
Tree parts less than 8 inches in diameter
and less than 2 feet long
Root Balls
Unpainted wood or lumber Cactus
Ice Plant
Dirt and Rocks
Plastic Bags
Yard waste in bags not accepted in cart!
Carts will be inspected and fees are applied for improper recycling. 
Not sure? Check the sticker on your yard waste cart lid


How do I order a bin?

To order a yard waste bin at no extra cost call the City of Watsonville Customer Service Division at 768-3133 or contact us through our website. To be eligible for a yard waste bin you must have a yard that generates trimmings and live within Watsonville city limits.

When, where and how do I set out my yard waste cart?

  • Yard waste is collected every other week.
  • — One week set out your blue recycle cart with grey garbage cart.
  • — The next week, set out your grey garbage cart with yard waste cart.
  • — Check your cart calendar for schedules

Grey Cart with Green Lids is for your yard waste ONLY.

  • Place carts at end of driveway if street is crowded.
  • Leave a three (3′) foot space between your cart and any cars signs, walls, or poles.
  • Leave a three (3′) foot space BETWEEN your carts.
  • Wheels should touch the curb.
  • Cart handle faces your house.
  • Set your carts out the night before.
  • Garbage, recycling, and yard waste service starts at 4:30 a.m.
  • Do not compact contents or overload cart – cart will not empty. Lid must be closed.
  • Parking restrictions in effect on some streets (check street signs).
  • Park cars in driveway on night before collection day.

Why recycle yard waste?

  • Recycling your yard waste may allow you to use a smaller, less expensive garbage cart.
  • Yard waste will be recycled and re-used as valuable landscaping material.
  • Recycling yard waste helps save space in the City Landfill.