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Transportation available for under-served Watsonville public school classes.

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Wastewater Recycling and Water Conservation

Sixth Grade & High School

Sponsored by the City and the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency

The field trip reveals how the City conserves valuable groundwater by recycling the water we use in Watsonville. Recycled irrigation water is a safe source of water that sustains the economy and ecology of the Pajaro Valley. Students have an opportunity to tour the City’s facility and interview employees who are involved in utility careers. Includes a real laboratory experience with pH and microorganisms. The classroom presentation includes a history of water use in Watsonville and a wastewater recycling demonstration. Enjoy a coastal visit and beach clean up, entitled  I ♥ A Healthy Coast, sponsored by the Coastal Commission. Thursdays by annual schedule. Up to 70 students may be accommodated on one 8:30am– 2:00 pm field trip date.

Water Resources Careers & Technology Tour  – High School and College

High school and college students are mentored by those employed in the operation and management of City of Watsonville water, wastewater, solid waste and/or engineering divisions. Urges youth to consider their interests and future potential.  Offered by special appointment only.

Waste Reduction Green Teams – High School and Middle School

Supporting student driven projects to reduce waste on campus and the community through peer to peer education, clubs and events. Cal recycle stipends encourage recycling at middle and high school sites.

Water Sources and Conservation – Fifth Grade

Students learn about the simple things we can do every day to conserve water. From groundwater wells to the sink tap; students gain knowledge of our water sources. On the field trip, visit the Corralitos Creek dam, water intake and the water filter plant. Creating groundwater and sand filter models provides memorable learning about Watsonville’s sources of tap water.  The field trip runs from 8:45am – 1:30pm.

oww Our Water Works in Santa Cruz County: An Activity Book About Our Fresh Water Resources is available  for each fifth and sixth grader in Watsonville. Available in Spanish and English. Complements the Water Sources and Wastewater Recycling field trip programs. Co-sponored by the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency.

Wetlands of Watsonville – Fourth Grade

Appreciate the value of this rare coastal wetland habitat through a field trip to the  Wetlands of Watsonville. Students practice birding, look for signs of wildlife and participate in a litter clean-up. The watershed model is an exciting method to learn how we can all help prevent stormwater pollution. This 4 hour trip includes a visit to the Nature Center. Field trip runs from 8:45am – 1:15pm.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot – Fourth Grade

Students practice the four Rs that reduce trash during this four and a half hour field trip. Visit the City’s Waste and Recycling Center, the City Landfill and the Garbage Museum. Students learn how litter harms wildlife when they take part in a lunch trash sort and brief beach clean-up at Palm Beach; thanks to the  I ♥ A Healthy Coast program, sponsored by  the Coastal Commission. The field trip runs from 8:45am – 1:30pm.