Download: eBooks, eAudiobooks and Music

You will need your Watsonville Public Library card and PIN to get started.

Overdrive eBooks Freegal Music
Overdrive: From the library to the living room, download eBooks onto your computer, tablet, or other mobile device today! Overdrive offers easy and free access to today’s bestselling fiction, mystery, science fiction, and romance novels.

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Freegal® Music offers access to about 8 million songs, including Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists. In total the collection is comprised of music from over 28,000+ labels with music that originates in over 80 countries. There is no software to download, and there are no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions.

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OneClickdigital eAudiobooks enki
OneClick Digital: Have you heard a good book lately? eAudio is an easy way to keep up with your favorite reads when you’re on the go. OneClick Digital allows you to listen to books on your computer, tablet, or other mobile device. There are thousands of bestselling and classic titles to choose from.

You will need to create an account using your Watsonville Public Library card.

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Enki, a new eBook platform created by librarians, is the place for discovery, helping you find new gems, classic novels and eye-opening non-fiction. It’s your only source for bestsellers before they catch fire, and it’s where you can learn something new from renowned authors.

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