Police Stepping-Up Enforcement for July 4th Holiday

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The increased movement and usage of illegal fireworks in the State of California and the City of Watsonville is bringing renewed commitment by your Fire and Police Departments into fire safety enforcement efforts in the run-up to the Fourth of July.  The use of illegal bottle rockets and firecrackers are dwarfed by the heavy use of aerial shells rivaling or surpassing those used at most public fireworks displays.  The perennial problem of illegal fireworks has been magnified this year by drought conditions that raise the possibility of fires.  Illegal fireworks can cause severe damage and significant injuries at a time of year when we all should be celebrating this special occasion, not engaging in destructive, criminal behavior.

The Police Department will add significant staff to the night of July 4th.  The officers will be conducting high profile patrols and we will be utilizing other methods to detect the usage of illegal fireworks.  The minimum fine for illegal fireworks is $1,000.00 and there will be zero tolerance for the usage of illegal fireworks.

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