Police Information

Police Report requests

Q. I reported a crime and would like to find out the status of the investigation.
A. Please have the case number available and call Records 831-768-3370.
Q. I was in a traffic accident and would like to get a copy of the report for insurance purposes.
A. Call Records at 831-768-3370 approximately 7 to 10 days after the accident. They will let you know if the report is ready and how much it will cost.
Q. I have made a stolen property report, and would like to add a few more items to that report.
A. Get a “Stolen Property List” form from Records, list your additional items, and return it to Records.


Q. I need to register as a drug or sex offender, who do I contact?
A. Contact the Police Service Specialist assigned at 831-768-3363.

Crime Analysis

Q. I am planning on moving to Watsonville and I would like to know the crime rate in that area or neighborhood. Who can give me this information?
A. Contact the Crime Analyst at 831-768-3307.

Property and Evidence

Q. Who do I contact for questions about stored property/evidence?
A. Please have the case number available and call 831-768-3390.

Vehicle Release Requirements 

Q. My vehicle was impounded by the Watsonville Police, how do I obtain the release?
A. Registered owner of vehicle must be present with a valid driver license or with a valid ID and accompanied with someone with a valid driver license.

Vehicle registration must be valid. If registration is incomplete, a DMV Moving Permit will be required.

Valid proof of insurance for the vehicle.

Vehicle Release Fee is $156.00

*Available only during regular business hours M-F 8:00-5:00 PM