PAL-Police Activities League

The Watsonville Police Activities League was named 2011 Organization of the Year by the Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture. More…

Watsonville PAL

The Watsonville Police Activities League (P.A.L) works with the Watsonville Police Department and the City of Watsonville to provide a youth crime prevention program. P.A.L. relies on educational, athletic, and other recreational activities to cement a bond among police officers, recreation leaders, youth and their parents. PAL is a nonprofit organization that is funded by community sponsors/donations and grant programs. The P.A.L. Program is designed to give youth a chance to better themselves and become a positive influence within their community. The programs that are currently active are: Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do, Little Kickers, Judo, and Girly Girl Kickboxing), Cadets, Golf, Soccer, and other various leadership/team building opportunities. PAL has proven that youth sports are a tool in juvenile crime prevention. Participating children adhere to a code of conduct, involving academic achievement, community service and proper standards of character. Thanks to the dedication of concerned residents and businesses, underprivileged and at-risk youth have the opportunity to interact and compete with kids from all over the state in recreational, cultural, and character building activities. PAL requires that police officers develop personal friendship with those they serve. Watsonville P.A.L. serves youth 4 to 20 years of age depending on the program. PAL also requires that PAL kids keep a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. If you are interested please call 831-763-4146 or 831-763-4147  for more information on the programs that are being offered.

We, as police officers, know that we must do everything we can to get to children before they get involved with drugs or gangs. Please remember that Watsonville P.A.L. is strong because of community support and without the support of concerned residents like you, we cannot reach out to the youth in our community.

The goal of Watsonville P.A.L. is to guide youngsters toward responsible and mature citizenship; provide a common platform of growth for police officers, youth, and residents; encourage the principle of good will, friendship, and sportsmanship.

P.A.L. began in the 1930’s and was developed by New York police officer Ed Flynn. Flynn who liked kids, asked youth gang members why they took part in antisocial behavior. Their answer was “There’s no place to play and nothing to do.The cop’s are always hassling us.”

Officer Flynn talked this over with his fellow officers and neighborhood shopkeepers. Each chipped in a dollar for equipment and baseball uniforms. Locating a playground, a team was formed and proved to be an instant success. Before the year ended, there were close to a dozen such teams in the city. That was the birth of P.A.L.

P.A.L. has since broadened its scope to include arts and crafts, dance, music, drama, social services, vocational guidance, remedial reading, field trips and virtually any healthy activity that young people enjoy. P.A.L. programs have the liberty of choosing those activities popular for the areas they serve. Please check out Watsonville P.A.L. for more information on what is being offered in this community.

For more information on P.A.L. activities please call 831-763-4146, 831-763-4147, 831-763-4335,  or email We are located at 130 Rodriguez St, Watsonville, CA  95076 and 37 Davis Ave, Freedom, CA 95019.

Click here for download the cadet application.