File a Police Report

You may make a police report at 215 Union Street, Watsonville, CA 95076.

If you are reporting a non-emergency issue, you can call 831-471-1151 to file a police report.  It  can be to either report harassing phone calls, hit and runs, lost property, theft, identity theft, vehicle burglary, vehicle tampering and vandalism cases unless you know or think you know the suspect.  If you have suspect information, you should work directly with a police officer by calling 831-471-1151 or visiting the police department and picking up the lobby phone.

Requesting Police Services for an Emergency: 911 or 831-471-1170
It is appropriate to call 911 for calls which involve a crime, accident or incident requiring a uniformed police officer to respond.

Crime Tip Line 831-768-3544 
Anonymous information may be left on an answering machine in the police department through the Crime Tip Line. This line is checked regularly.

Alternate Emergency 7-Digit Telephone Number: 471-1151
When requesting assistance from the Police Department, realize that requests are prioritized with emergency calls having priority over non-emergency calls. The officer will respond to your call as soon as possible.

When calling you will be asked:

• What is the problem?
• Where is the problem?
• Is it still happening (in progress)?
• How many people are involved?
• Are there weapons involved?
• What do the people look like (sex, age, race, height, weight, what are they wearing)?
• Are there vehicles involved?
• Can you describe them (year, make, model, color, license plate)?
• Which way did they go?
• What is your name, address, and telephone number.

Abandoned Vehicle

Vehicles left parked on a public street for a period of over 72 hours may be considered abandoned. To notify the Police Department of an abandoned vehicle call 831-471-1151.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

Location of the vehicle
Color of the vehicle
Make and model of the vehicle
License plate number

Abandoned vehicles will be “tagged” with a large orange warning flyer advising the owner(s) of the vehicle to move the vehicle or it will be towed. After the 72-hour waiting period has passed, and if the vehicle has not been sufficiently moved, the vehicle will be towed as an abandoned vehicle. There are certain provisions in the law that allow the Police Department to remove vehicles immediately which are obviously inoperable. The decision to tow immediately or wait the 72 hours is left to the discretion of the officer in charge of abandoned vehicles.

Although the state law allows for a time period of 72 hours in order for the car to be towed after being tagged, it is likely that it may take at least two weeks for the car to be towed due to time constraints and other duties of the officer.

Crime Tip Line

Anonymous information may be left on the Crime Tip Line voicemail at 831-768-3544.

Thank you for your partnership in addressing crime in our community!

Request a Police Report

Q. I reported a crime and would like to find out the status of the investigation.
A. Please have the case number available and call Records 831-768-3370.
Q. I was in a traffic accident and would like to get a copy of the report for insurance purposes.
A. Call Records at 831-768-3370 approximately 7 to 10 days after the accident. They will let you know if the report is ready and how much it will cost.
Q. I have made a stolen property report, and would like to add a few more items to that report.
A. Get a “Stolen Property List” form from Records, list your additional items, and return it to Records.