Summary Information

Garage Sale Permits must be purchased in person at the Watsonville Police Department located at 215 Union St.

Cost is $23.00.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM

For information on the Garage Sale Ordinance please see below.


Watsonville Municipal Code, Title 5, Chapter 26 and 32.


January 1, 2003


5-26.01    No sales without permits.

5-26.02    Applications for permits.

5-26.03    Issuance of permits.

5-26.04    Permits to be posted.

5-26.05    Permit time limits.

5-26.06    Sign displays.

5-26.07    Time limits of sales.

5-26.08    Fees.

5-26.09    Permits nontransferable.

5-26.10    Violations.

532.01    Posting signs and handbills unlawful.


The amount of Fifty ($50.00) Dollars shall be the MINIMUM cost for

which a person shall be liable for the illegal posting of signs and handbill

under the provisions of Chapter 5-32 of the Watsonville Municipal Code.