2015 Annual Inspection & Awards Ceremony

Inspection 2 Inspection3

The Watsonville Police Department has used the annual police inspection system since 1982 as a way to ensure that individual members conform to uniform and grooming standards, have proper equipment that is in good working condition and that present a good visible picture to the public. Chief Solano was joined by Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart in performing the Annual Inspection at Green Valley Christian Center on September 30th.

It is a time to publicly recognize the men and women of the Watsonville Police Department and their amazing acts of courage, tenacity and devotion to duty. Also recognize is the exemplary actions of community members and publically show our appreciation to local businesses who contribute faithfully to our non-profit programs like the Police Activities League and Police Assistance Fund.

Thirty-three Certificates of Recognition, two Life-Saving medals, eleven Exceptional Duty Medals, two Honorable Service Medals and three Combat Cross Medals were given to officers/civilians. City officials, law enforcement officials from other departments and family members of the WPD officers attended the Inspection and Awards Ceremony.

Watsonville Police Department takes this opportunity to focus on the personal character qualities the employee demonstrated while performing the action for which they are being recognized.

Certificates of Recognition

  1. Santa Cruz Co. Anti-Crime Team Commander Mario Sulay
  2. Dispatcher Anna Kiff
  3. Assistant District Attorney Johanna Schonfield
  4. PAL Director Coresta Salas
  5. Property/Evidence Supervisor Griselda Seymoure
  6. Senior Administrative Analyst Lola Maldonado
  7. Sergeant Brian Ridgway
  8. Gang Task Force Officer Noe Rocha
  9. Officer Efren Martinez
  10. Officer Monique Rangel
  11. Corporal Trevor Ihlen
  12. Sergeant Juan Trujillo
  13. Corporal Rudy Lopez Jr.
  14. Master Officer Eddie Santana
  15. Master Officer Burt Iles
  16. Officer Mish Radich
  17. Detective Tom Corral
  18. Dispatchers David Brenner
  19. Andrew Parker
  20. Officer Aaron Chavarria
  21. Officer Tyler Wildey
  22. Corporal Ronnie Miranda
  23. Detective Javier Ayala
  24. Officer Charlie Bailey
  25. Detective Sergio Banuelos
  26. Officer Bryan Fuentez
  27. Detective Juan Sanchez
  28. Detective Joey Perez
  29. Detective Elizabeth Sousa
  30. Sergeant Mike Ridgway
  31. Sergeant Tony Gigueroa
  32. Sergeant Eric Montalbo
  33. Sergeant Donny Thul

Life Saving Medals

  1. Master Officer Christopher Greene
  2. Officer Bryan Rodriguez

Exceptional Duty Medals

  1. Gang Task Force Officer Noe Rocha
  2. Corporal Fernando Lopez
  3. Sergeant Tony Figueroa
  4. Officer Charles Johnson
  5. Corporal Rudy Lopez Jr.
  6. Sergeant Juan Trujillo
  7. Sergeant Donny Thul
  8. Master Officer Eddie Santana
  9. Detective Elizabeth Sousa
  10. Police Service Specialist Miguel Chavez
  11. Master Officer Bryan Fuentez (including a Master Pin from CHP for recovering stolen vehicles)

Honorable Service Medal

  1. Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Sergeant Stefan Fish
  2. Officer Brian Fulgoni

Combat Cross Medal

  1. Officer Efren Martinez
  2. Detective Javier Ayala
  3. Sergeant Henry Robles