Update on the Manabe-Ow Specific Plan Area

(Updated June 28, 2013)

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Manabe-Ow Progress Report (2.5 MiB, 640 downloads)

Manabe Ow Specific Plan

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00 Front Cover259.8 KiB422
01 Acknowledgements10.9 KiB629
02 TOC15.3 KiB333
03 Introduction1.4 MiB890
04 Site And Context11.2 MiB431


Figures Associated with the plan are available below:


Fig 2-1 Planning Areas87.2 KiB429
Fig 2-2 Existing Zoning1.3 MiB319
Fig 2-3 Existing Surrounding Land Uses209.2 KiB378
Fig 2-4 Existing Soil Types174.7 KiB379
Fig 2-5 Existing Topography4.6 MiB318

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Front cover

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


 Project Description

 Environmental Setting


Agricultural Resources

Air Quality

Biological Resources

 Cultural Resources

 Geology and Soils

 Hazards and Hazardous Materials

 Hydrology and Water Quality

Land Use and Planning


Public Services, Utilities and Recreation

 Transportation and Traffic

 CEQA Considerations



Draft Environmental Impact Report Figures

Figure 2.1 Regional Location
Figure 2.3 Surrounding Land Uses
Figure 2.4 Watsonville General Land Use
Figure 2.5 Existing Zoning
 Figure 2.6 Planning Areas
 Figure 2.7 Land Use Plan
 Figure 2.8 Illustrative Plan
 Figure 2.9 North Business Park Overlay District Development Diagram
 Figure 2.10 Street Network
 Figure 2.11 Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation
 Figure 2.12 Wet Utilities Plan
Figure 3.1-1 Photographs of the Planning Area
3.1-2 Photographs of the Planning Area
3.1-3 Photographs of the Planning Area
Figure 3.2-1 Site Soils
Figure 3.2-2 Farmland Map and Monitoring Program
Figure 3.6-1 Regional Fault Zones
Figure 3.6-2 Geologic Setting


Final Environmental Impact Report

Manabe Ow Specific Plan Final MEIR (8.5 MiB)