The Planning Division is responsible for two key functions:  Current Planning and Advanced Planning.  It is the division’s goal to provide timely and effective management of these two functions.

Current Planning:

Current Planning involves the processing and review of various development applications for conformance with the City’s Zoning Ordinance, General Plan, Specific Plans, and other land use policies.  The planning division is responsible for reviewing applications and issuing permits pertaining to:

  • commercial and industrial design review
  • use permits
  • subdivisions
  • general proposed development

The processing of development applications includes the review of preliminary plans, proposed subdivisions, Zoning Administrator decisions and also the consideration of public input on formal development proposals at Planning Commission and Minor Land Division meetings, as well as City Council study sessions and meetings.

Advanced Planning:

Advanced Planning involves the City’s long-range planning activities, which include updating and preparing various planning documents such as Specific Plans, the City’s General Plan, and implementation of text amendments.  Planning staff also assembles and maintains community data and demographics and coordinates the reporting of this data to outside agencies.