Neighborhood Development Program

Neighborhood Services has moved to 37 Davis Avenue in Freedom as part of its ongoing mission of focused neighborhood development in the City. The new neighborhood chosen for focused services is known as the Landis-Carey neighborhood, and it is a 61 acre area bounded by Freedom Boulevard up to Roach Road and includes Green Valley, Landis, Carey and Davis Avenues. The neighborhood faces challenges such as code enforcement issues, substantial crime rates and lack of awareness of resources to correct recognized problems. With input and ideas of residents and property owners, a revitalization plan will be developed that will present recommendations for a series of actions to address the problems in the area. The City will contribute community policing strategies to reducing crime, code enforcement resources and mediation, community building and neighborhood leadership activities while a strong network of community organizations will provide services, education and resources to the neighborhood. Through this partnership between the City and its residents, Neighborhood Services is committed to working with residents, property owners and others to create a safe, more livable family-oriented neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Development Program is a two-year plan in which two neighborhoods have been chosen to receive intensified City services:

Mona Lisa: In 1998, the Mona Lisa neighborhood was targeted to initiate a neighbohood outreach and development program in the area. Its selection was attributed to the historically high crime and gang activity in the neighborhood in addition to issues related to alchohol outlet stores and levee conditions. In partnership with Neighborhood Services and other City staff, residents identified and solved problems, established priorities, developed and increased their knowledge of community agencies and services, and enhanced their sense of community and importance of civic participation. The City Council extended the stay in the neighborhood through June 30, 2002 to provide continued development and transition services to the residents. The Neighborhood has formed their own neighborhood group, Concilio de Vecinos Unidos de Mona Lisa, to apply their activism and leadership towards neighborhood issues that are important to them and to the city.

River Park:On April 21, 2001, the City Council accepted a recommendation to select the East Front/River Park area as the next site for targeted neighborhood development. Of the four neighborhoods considered, they found overall that the most compelling issues were housing stock/code enforcement, size/population and overcrowding. The new site opened in September 2001. An action plan was developed with residents to identify, prioritize and resolve concerns and issues.

Ongoing Activities for Both Neighborhoods:

· Door-to-Door outreach
· Perception surveys
· Monthly neighborhood meetings, workshops and training
· Leadership Development
· Neighborhood Cleanups
· Recreation Activities and Homework Assistance
· Special Events and Programs:
     – National Night Out
– Dia de los Muertos /Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
– Valentines to Parents
– Thanksgiving Dinner
– Neighborhood Watch Program
– Mother’s Day Recognition
– Posadas

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