Graffiti and Litter Abatement Program

(In Collaboration with Public Works and Utilities Department and Community Development Department)

The City of Watsonville has developed a comprehensive approach to address graffiti and litter problems through education, abatement, enforcement, and community participation.

Graffiti Removal Program

  • Now, cleaning up graffiti is only a phone call away! Residents can call 728-6133, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, to report graffiti. The City will perform the cleanup, but encourages neighborhood residents to do it themselves. A graffiti cleanup kit, containing graffiti wipes, paint, a brush, a roller and a scraper are available from Neighborhood Services for anyone who wants to help. The scraper can be useful in removing stickers and glue-on labels which has become a new form of graffiti by youngsters.

Neighborhood Cleanups

  • Neighbors can organize themselves to hold regular cleanups in their neighborhoods. Neighborhood Services will provide litter pick-up sticks, bags, gloves and safety vests. We will even design a flyer that you can distribute to your neighbors in English and Spanish. Funding permitting, we may deliver a dumpster where the trash can be collected.

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