Fire Inspections Reminder

FIRE FireMarshal

Division Chief/Fire Marshal Lopez Sr. preparing to do a fire/life safety inspection.

Watsonville Fire Department Fire Prevention Division inspectors are out and about performing fire/life safety inspections in local businesses. Inspectors will leave a copy of the inspection form with the business representative (owner, manager, supervisor or employee.) The City of Watsonville will then send an invoice to the business owner at a later time.

Business owners should be cautious of any inspectors claiming to be with the Watsonville Fire Department who are requesting payment at the time services are rendered.

Watsonville Fire Department inspectors will only inspect the business; they are not qualified to perform any service/maintenance on fire extinguishers or other equipment.

The Watsonville Fire Department inspectors or anyone working with the Fire Department  will not  expect or demand payment upon completion of the inspection. If someone does demand payment who is claiming to be with the Fire Department, contact us so that we can make other businesses aware of this person/company.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Fire Marshal at 768-3231 or the Administration Offices at 768-3200.


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