What Are My Water Rates Paying For?


Every day we pump, treat, test and deliver nearly 7 million gallons of water from our local groundwater wells and creeks! You get clean potable water on-demand for less than a penny per gallon. The City of Watsonville is dedicated to providing our customers with safe and reliable water at the lowest rates in the region, and has done so for over 80 years.

Aging water pipelines and new State drinking water regulations are presenting big challenges to our community’s water system. Aging infrastructure is in critical need. More than half of the City’s water pipes are over 50 years old and are coming to the end of their expected lifespan. The cost to maintain our pipes and wells continues to rise as the cost of materials and electricity increase.  Pumping water out of the ground requires electricity and replacing old water mains costs about $750,000 per mile.

There is also a cost to ongoing water quality testing. New State chromium 6 regulations will require over $20 million in new water treatment systems. We are currently pilot testing the best treatment options.

It takes a combination of grants, loans and your water bill to maintain our city’s water system.

We take pride in nearly a century of high quality water service. Dedicated staff and an elaborate water system deliver 2.5 billion gallons of safe drinking water to your homes and businesses each year.

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