Watsonville Has a Newly Formed Special Response Team

(Photos by Tarmo Hannula/Register-Pajaronian)

(Photos by Tarmo Hannula/Register-Pajaronian)

The Watsonville Police Department is proud to announce the mobilization of the Special Response Unit. (SRU). It has taken approximately four years to bring this project to fruition. Members of SRU volunteer for this assignment and do not receive pay incentives. The Special Response Unit is comprised of two specialized teams: the Crisis Negotiations Team and the Special Response Team. The unit has been established to provide specialized support in handling critical field operations where negotiations, rescue, and/or special tactical deployment methods are needed. It is the intent of the Watsonville Police Department to deliver a quick response to situations which reach beyond the capabilities of normally equipped officers. The presence of a highly trained, highly skilled in negotiations and tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, peace officers and suspects. A well-managed team response to critical or high-risk incidents usually results in a successful resolution, with the minimal use of force.

The Special Response Team is specifically directed towards situations of demonstrated violence and force (or potential violence and force) recognized as necessitating a disciplined team effort utilizing specialized training, tactics and equipment. The team is trained to bring a successful conclusion to high-risk situations with a goal of reducing potential for injury or loss of life to citizens, suspects, or peace officers.

The Crisis Negotiation Team members are trained to defuse potentially life-threatening situations and prevent hostile actions from escalating through the use of verbal crisis management techniques. The Crisis Negotiation Team members respond to all critical incidents involving hostages and barricaded individuals. The Crisis Negotiation Team has been established to provide skilled verbal communicators to de-escalate and effect surrender in critical situations where suspects have taken hostages, barricaded themselves, and/or exhibit suicidal tendencies. Duties of the Special Response Unit also encompass high risk arrests and search warrant service or any situation that could enhance the ability to preserve life, maintain social order, and ensure the protection of property.

Understanding that all incidents brought to the attention of the police differ in nature, it is crucial that each situation be examined from a holistic standpoint. Members of the Special Response Unit receive state certified training and work closely with the Watsonville Police Department’s new CARE program (Crisis Response And Engagement). The training these officers receive, pass onto others; raises them to a new level of service for our community.

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