WaterLab-City Partnership with UCSC

UCSCWaterLabTourUpdate: July 22, 2015

Local High School students got a taste of the UCSC Water Lab located at the Watsonville Wastewater Recycling Plant. College interns from Salinas shared their research into water treatment solutions around the world.

City Council, at its June 25th Meeting, approved the Agreement with UCSC to implement a water technology teaching and research facility to be called WaterLab. The facility will be located at the Water Resources Center, 500 Clearwater Lane.

The WaterLab facility will offer an extremely unique opportunity to teach students and perform research in an established professional industrial wastewater treatment environment.  This partnership will bring positive local and
national recognition to the City. This effort will educate hundreds of UCSC students in the understanding of existing water and wastewater treatment processes, and will  facilitate the local exploration of new emerging technologies.

The City’s Wastewater and Water Division staff will also be in a unique position to interact with emerging young local talent, which could result in useful insights and opportunities with regard to the recruitment required to fill future vacancies within all discipline levels of these Divisions.

By having the WaterLab facility at the Water Resources Center, capital construction costs can be minimized due to the close proximity of the Water Resources Center laboratory, wastewater and recycled water treatment facilities, and classroom accommodations.

Lease Agreement

All of the necessary buildings and infrastructure currently exists to implement this agreement. The lease agreement includes an initial one-time payment of $18,000 that covers the capital cost of the building that will be used to house the program. In addition, all ongoing operational, research, and teaching costs associated with the WaterLab would be the financial responsibility of the UCSC WaterLab program. This includes the cost of electricity, recycled water, janitorial services, and other miscellaneous expenses. There will be very little City staff time required for this

program, beyond occasional tours of the City’s water quality laboratory and water treatment facilities. There will be no additional costs to the City for staffing or operation of the program. The initial term of the lease is proposed to be five years, which can be terminated by either party with written 180 day notice.

There are no costs to the City associated with this program. UCSC will pay the City a one-time fee of $18,000 as base rent for the use of the premises. UCSC will also pay for any ongoing operational and maintenance costs associated with running their program.

If you’re interested in taking a tour of the Water Resources Center, call 768-3170. It’s a great tour!



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