Water Main Replacement Program

Cleaning & disinfecting each section of pipeCity Public Works Engineers and Water Services Division have been working hard to replace miles of aging water pipelines for our community.

The Water Main Replacement Program is a preventative, pro-active plan to replace and improve our aging infrastructure before unexpected breaks or disruptions occur. By replacing  sections of pipeline we will conserve water by reducing water leaks, and improve your water service and water quality . The upgrades to our water system allow us to continue delivering safe drinking water at the lowest rates in the area. Our system serves over 65,000 customers throughout Watsonville, Corralitos, Freedom and the Pajaro Beach Community.

The next water main replacement projects will be at Sunny Hills Drive, from Herman Avenue to Chappel Road and at College Road from Cutter Drive to Lakeview Road. Over the next few months 1800 feet of water pipelines will be replaced along with valves, fire hydrants and domestic services as needed. Customers can expect water service to continue throughout this project. The only change during the construction period will be limited access and parking.

Our goal is to replace 2 miles of pipeline each year starting with areas of most concern. Our Public Works Department plans, designs and constructs all aspects of the project, allowing us to efficiently work towards this goal while keeping your water rates low.

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