Update-5/5/16: Water Line Replacement – E. Beach Street



Update – May 5, 2016: As of Wednesday, May 4th the Water Services Division has reached Blackburn St. with the new water main installation, which is the halfway point. As ofMonday, May 9th, Beach st. between Lincoln and Blackburn will be back to normal parking conditions and commuting.

Between Blackburn st. & Beck st.  will experience limited parking and traffic will be limited to west bound only for the next two weeks.

Our staff thanks you for your patience and understanding of any and all inconveniences our work may cause. For questions regarding this project contact Water Operations Supervisor Steve Hernandez at 768-3194.

The City’s next water line replacement project is located on E. Beach Street, from Lincoln Street to Beck Street. The City continues to upgrade and replace water lines for multiple reasons: increased system reliability, reduced water losses due to leaks and to improve water quality.

This project will consist of installing one-half-mile of new water mains, new isolation valves, hydrants and domestic services. The estimated length of the project is 45-working days.

Parking will be limited from the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday throughout Beach Street. We thank our residents in advance for their patience with the anticipated noise, congestion and any other inconvenience created from this work. There will be no planned disruptions to water service during the time of construction.

Any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact Steve Hernandez, Water Division Supervisor at 768-3194.

As stated in the past the City’s aging infrastructure is in critical need. Over half of the City’s water pipes are over 50 years old and are coming to the end of their expected lifespan. Our goal is to increase water main replacement to a rate of 2 to 3 miles per year to minimize breaks, service disruptions, and water loss. Recent rate increases have funded water main replacement at a rate of 1 mile per year. Increasing our replacement rate to 2 to 3 miles per year would allow us to catch up with our aging infrastructure in 10 years as opposed to managing 30 years of costly breaks and leaks. The cost to maintain our pipes and wells continues to rise as the cost of materials and electricity increase.

Replacing water mains costs about $750,000 per mile. Additionally, our water revenue decreases during a drought, even though our water system must keep working 24-hours a day. Over half of the City’s water line pipes are over 50 years old. One main break can lead to 1-2 million gallons of water loss! Stars indicate water line breaks throughout the City over the past several years. The City is pursuing grants to help with these costs. It will take more than just grants to keep up with this serious infrastructure need. You can read our “Investing in Our Water System” by clicking here.


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