Voters Saying Yes to Measure D for Transportation

On November 9, 2016 –  Votes tallied so far in Santa Cruz County said “yes” to Measure D, the comprehensive and inclusive package of transportation improvements. Vote counts as of November 9th show that over 58,000 affirmative votes comprise 67.12% of the total. The ½ cent local sales tax requires a super majority of 66.67% to pass.  Vote counts are not considered final until provisional and absentee ballots are counted and the election is certified.

The Measure includes the following guidelines:

  • Allocation of 30% of the funding to local agencies with the City of Watsonville receiving $750,000 each year for 30 years;
  • Collection of the new tax will begin 04/01/17 and revenue will be made available to the City on a quarterly basis;
  • Prior to spending any funds, the City shall hold a public hearing and adopt a five year program of projects to be funded with measure revenues;
  • The City can use the revenue for design, permitting and construction of transportation projects;
  • The City can use the revenue for leveraging or as a local match for other transportation funding sources;
  • The City can accumulate revenue over multiple years so that sufficient funding is available for larger and long-term transportation projects;
  • Funds may be used to supplement but not replace existing revenues used for transportation purposes.

You can learn more about Measure D by visiting the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission Website.

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