The Watsonville Police Department: Youth Prevention and Intervention Programs

Contigo Group - Family Bonding

The Watsonville Police Department strives to address gang violence before it happens and is committed in moving beyond the traditional role of “fighting crime” by becoming strong partners in “Prevention” and “Intervention” strategies to prevent youth from joining gangs.  The Watsonville Police Officers play an active and visible role in these strategies by partnering with other community groups, such as schools, public health and youth service agencies.  Creating partnerships is a vital tool in the prevention of youth gang violence, below are some the programs created through these partnerships:

Adelante Program: targets at risk youth between 3rd – 9th grade and are provided with case management, cognitive behavior therapy, mentoring, pro-social activities and the parents are encouraged to attend an evidence based curriculum, Guiding Good Choices.

Caminos Program: targets first time offenders between the age of 10 -17 years old and hold youth accountable for their actions through restorative justice: Teen Peer Court or Neighborhood Accountability Board Program.  The family is also offered case management, cognitive behavior therapy, individual/group/family counseling, mentoring, pro-social activities as well as Guiding Good Choices.

School Resource Officer Program (SROs): Watsonville law enforcement officers are placed at Watsonville High School and Pajaro Valley High School to proactively promote safety within schools by building trusting relationships with students, staff and caregivers.  SRO’s fulfill a variety of roles: preventing and responding to school-based crime; fostering positive relationships among law enforcement, educators, and youth; and promoting a positive school climate.  Through these partnerships, SRO’s act as information liaisons, gathering and sharing knowledge across sectors and help develop effective prevention strategies.

Police Activities League (PAL): is a youth crime prevention program that serves youth 4 to 20 years of age and it relies on educational, mentorships, athletic and other recreational activities to cement a bond among police officers, recreation leaders, youth and their parents.  PAL provides youth the opportunity to become a positive influence in their community through their participation various leadership/team building activities.

The Watsonville Police Department is committed in continuing to work with community partners in strengthening youth prevention and intervention programs. For more information, please call the Watsonville Police Department at (831) 768-3300.

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