Striping Begins on 3/29/16


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Striping of: “School crossing,” “stop” and “cross walk” will begin on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 around various schools in Watsonville. The list of schools is below:

Location Affected School(s) Street Cross Street
1 Ann Soldo Wagner Ave. Vista Montaña Dr.
2 Cesar Chavez Arthur Rd. Sonoma St.
3 E. A. Hall Brewington Ave. E. Lake (SR 152)
4 E. A. Hall Brewington Ave. Orchard St.
5 E. A. Hall Madison St. E. Fifth St.
6 E. A. Hall/Mintie White Brewington Ave. Palm Ave.
7 E. A. Hall/Mintie White Palm Ave. Lincoln St.
8 E. A. Hall/Mintie White Palm Ave. Madison St.
9 E. A. Hall/Mintie White Palm Ave. midblock Brewington/Madison
10 Freedom Holly Dr. Airport Rd.
11 Freedom Holly Dr. Ross Ave.
12 H.A. Hyde Alta Vista Ave. Marilyn St.
13 H.A. Hyde Alta Vista Ave. Santa Clara St.
14 H.A. Hyde Santa Clara St. Mañana Ln.
15 Landmark Ohlone Parkway Kingfisher Dr.
16 Landmark Ohlone Parkway Loma Vista Dr.
17 Landmark Harkins Slough Rd. Sunset Vista Dr.
18 Linscott Elm St. Marchant St.
19 Linscott Elm St. midblock Marchat/Lincoln
20 Mintie White California St. Brewington
21 Mintie White California St. Lincoln St.
22 Mintie White California St. Monte Vista Ave.
23 Mintie White California St. Roosevelt St.
24 Moreland Notre Dame Brennan St. midblock E. 5th/Pam
25 Radcliff Rodriguez St. Kearney St.
26 Rolling Hills Anna St. Herman Ave.
27 Rolling Hills Anna St. Holm Rd.
28 Rolling Hills Anna St. Shady Oaks Dr.
29 Rolling Hills Herman Ave. Kralj Dr.
30 Starlight Pennsylvania Dr. Hammer Dr.
31 T.S. MacQuiddy Martinelli St. midblock Washington/Glemar
32 T.S. MacQuiddy Martinelli St. Washington St.

You can download the document with the above information here.

This is part of the Safe Routes to School Project that provides additional pedestrian safety around our schools. If you have questions, contact Natalie Diaz at 768-3116.


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