Residents, Businesses Asked to Report Storm Damage


Photo: Jondi Gumz Santa Cruz Sentinel

The County of Santa Cruz and local cities are asking residents who suffered significant damage to their home, business or property during recent storms to report the damage immediately. Doing so may help themselves and others across Santa Cruz County qualify for federal aid to help rebuild.

Local governments have set up a simple, 10-question form for residents and business owners to report damages, which can be found at Beginning Friday, Feb. 24, individuals may also call 2-1-1 to report damage and have someone assist them with the form.

The form is for information gathering only and NOT A REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE, but may help achieve private property assistance for the entire county. The County, local cities and the California Office of Emergency Services are working together to collect information to determine whether Santa Cruz County would qualify for Small Business Administration private property assistance for storms beginning in December 2016. The process is distinct from FEMA’s presidential disaster declaration process.

In order to qualify, local governments must gather information on significantly damaged businesses and properties. Eligible damages include physical losses such building damage, landslide and property damage, personal property losses, damages to private roads and bridges, loss of privately-owned water systems, damage to common areas of homeowners’ associations and more.

Non-government owners — including business owners, private land and property owners and nonprofits – who believe they may have suffered uninsured damages totaling at least 40 percent of the value of their property are encouraged to fill out the survey. Property owners with less significant damages would still be eligible for assistance if the Small Business Administration makes assistance available.

Property owners needing an immediate safety assessment should call 831-454-3171 or fill out a separate “Storm Damage Assessment Form” at Those needing emergency assistance should call 911.

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