Re-establishment of Speed Limits


On February 14, 2017 City Council approved an ordinance amending article 18 (speed limits) of chapters 5 (traffic) of title 4 (public safety) of the Watsonville Municipal Code to establish the speed limits in accordance with the City of Watsonville Engineering and Traffic Survey for speed limits, part 1, 2017.

In order for police officers to use radar or lidar for traffic enforcement, posted speeds need to what are deemed “safe speeds” for a particular road. These safe speeds are normally the “85th percentile speed” which is the speed at or below what the majority of drivers – 85 percent of them – are driving and considered to be safe and reasonable.

To maintain the capability of radar or lidar enforcement within the City, a new Engineering and Traffic Survey was conducted through a joint effort by the Police Department and Public Works and Utilities Department.  Due to the number of streets requiring surveys, ongoing construction activities, and recognizing the importance of radar enforcement, City staff divided the streets requiring surveys into two parts: Part 1, now complete, and Part 2, scheduled for completion in June, 2017

Based upon the findings of this 2017 survey (Part 1), the speed limits on 8 of the 15 segments analyzed will be adjusted as follows:

Increase from 25 to 30 MPH
West Beach St. 650′ West of Harvest Drive to Walker Street
Walker Street Harkins Slough Road to Beach Street
Walker Street Beach Street to Riverside Drive
Increase from 30 to 35 MPH
Ohlone Parkway Harkins Slough Road to Beach Stret
Increase from 35 to 40 MPH
Airport Boulevard Holm Road to Freedom Boulevard
Green Valley Road Loma Prieta/Pennsylvania to Freedom Boulevard
Increase from 40 to 45 MPH
Airport Boulevard Highway 1 to Holm Road
West Beach Street Lee Road to 860′ East of Industrial Road


If you have questions regarding this project, call Watsonville Police Department at 768-3300 or Public Works & Utilities at 768-3100.

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