Rail Trail Discussion


The City of Watsonville is “on track” and “all aboard!” with a 1.2-mile segment of the Rail Trail project.  The twelve-foot wide paved path will be next to the railroad tracks and will be used by pedestrians and bicyclists.  One end of the trail is at the intersection of Walker Street and West Beach Street and is within three blocks of the City plaza.  It will connect with the existing Watsonville Slough Trail, cross Ohlone Parkway and end at Lee Road.  The project is financed by numerous grants and donations, including $335,000 from the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County.

The trail is being designed to operate next to an active rail line as trains regularly visit the three active spurs within the project limits.  Freight trains use the tracks to transport goods to and from various businesses within Watsonville.  The trail will be separated from the rail line by a  54-inch tall wire and post fence.   The fence will be approximately ten feet from the center of the train tracks.  Design of the trail is being done at this time and will be completed later this year  with construction being done next year.

Recently, there has been much public discussion about the feasibility of operating trains with the trail in operation.  The local online publication, Hilltromper, recently published a summary of the various points of view here (provide link shown below).  A second article, provided by the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County here (provide link shown below), addresses various questions that have been raised about the trail and rail projects.


Below are links to a couple of articles regarding the Rail Trail:

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