Protect Your Home and Environment: Recycle Your Used Motor Oil and Paint


It’s more convenient than ever to recycle responsibly in Watsonville! In-store take-back programs are free for residents. They help you return products like used motor oil and unwanted paint for reuse or recycling. These two products are considered household hazardous waste. You can dispose of these toxic products in an environmentally safe and responsible way. Take advantage of these free programs and find a convenient location near you. 


OIL CANSWhy recycle used motor oil?

Used motor oil can be recycled, cleaned, and reused. It is important to recycle this product because it’s incredibly toxic. Illegally dumping used motor oil contaminates our groundwater, wetlands, and rivers. Take your used motor oil (up to 5 gallons at a time per customer) to a certified center to keep your home and environment safe.


paint caNSWhy recycle unwanted paint?

Oil-based paints and paint solvents are considered hazardous products. You may properly seal and store paint for years or simply drop off your unwanted paint (up to 10 gallons at a time) to a location near you. Safely disposing of your unwanted paint is an easy step towards keeping these hazardous products away from your home and where they belong.

These local stores offer this service to our community as part of their take-back programs. The following stores accept paint and used motor oil for free during open business hours. Please call ahead, if you need to drop off large quantities as restrictions may apply.




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